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When you move, you don’t always want to take everything with you

  • Moving houses or office premises is always a great time and an opportunity to start a new. When people move to a new place, they don't always want to bring everything along. Through the years, people tend to accumulate things they don't necessarily need or items they may not want in their new home/space. This is where Central Movers offer great help, aiding moving families and companies in handling items they no longer use or will just take up space in their new premises.
  • Central Movers not only specializes in furniture transfer and house moving but in clearing away junk and rubbish from your house too. We are experienced packers and movers with extensive experience in the removal of unwanted rubbish and a strong commitment to recycling items that can still be of use. We have a proven track record on environmental friendliness, removing and disposing of your unwanted items with great regard in ecological responsibility.
  • People who move often leave behind items like old electronic equipment, unused products, old photo frames, plastic bottles, stoves, and other junk like bin covers, metal forms, wooden frames, and more. These are things that are usually ignored until they are discovered during a move. Junk removal at this point often becomes unhygienic, tiring, and potentially dangerous - especially when all the stresses and challenges of moving are factored in. Don't try to do it yourself. Call in the professionals!
  • We areprofessional home moversand junk removers with specialized teams composed of suitable people who can handle the job well. We have all the tools and skills to make sure that your surplus furniture and other junk are handled responsibly. We are committed to providing all clients with safe, responsible, and trustworthy services at the most competitive rates.


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